Are you experiencing difficulties with your online visibility? Do you want to share your brand story with the world in a way that you will leave a strong impression on people? Knowing your brand story is important, but the way you share your story with the world is even more important.

Since I can remember, I’m writing, photographing and creating. I’m a content creator and social media consultant and so far, I’ve already helped many companies and bloggers in being noticed online. I’m writing SEO-proof blogs and articles, creating impressive content for online media and I can help you understand how to make social media work for you, to own social media like never before and having fun while doing it!

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In the online world, you’re simply lost if you don’t have a great story to tell. People are searching for an experience, they want to be able to identify themselves with your vision and values. They want to be touched, being moved by your story. But how do you tell this story? Why is the one blog going viral, while the other isn’t even being noticed?

The difference between these two is storytelling. In a great blog, the reader is unconsciously being taken on a journey. The reader is captured by the story and feels invited to continue reading until the very last letter. And while reading your story, the reader is feeling a strong connection with your company and your values.

Storytelling doesn’t stop with writing. It’s all about the experience you’re giving to someone. It means you’re also sharing beautiful visuals to create an even stronger experience.

But how do you use storytelling? Are you missing out on time, writing skills or a photographic eye? You can simply pass it onto someone who has all the skills you need for great storytelling! I love creating a strong story for your business and I do have this photographic eye. I’ve already built up a strong portfolio with big brands like lululemon, Basilica Dancewear, JUIZ~S Cold Pressed and many more.

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In the field of social media, I was a true early adopter. Long before people even discovered Instagram, I already knew how to find every feature of the app and how to reach my target audience. Nowadays, I’m still the first to know all about every new update, algorithm and strategy. I simply don’t miss new developments in the field of social media.

Very frequently, people are asking for my advice about social media. Which platform is the best for your business? And how do you get so many followers? How do you raise these engagement rates without spamming people with likes and reactions? Time after time I’ve managed to make brands being noticed on social media. The knowledge I’ve acquired over the years and my skills in creating strong storytelling content for social media are things I just love to share with other companies and bloggers.

The only way to get a great engagement rate on social media is to open the conversation and build a community around your business. Do you want online success? Know your target audience!

As a social media consultant I can help you making your business or blog being noticed on social media. I’ll do this by sharing my knowledge and experience with you in a strategy training. During this training, I’ll help you to create a strong social media strategy, we’ll do this step by step and with plenty of time to ask me all your questions. I’ll train you (or someone inside your company) to the point that you’re fully understanding social media. By the end of the training you’ll know how you can succeed on social media and how you can create and execute a strong social media strategy.

Because I’ll share all my experience and knowledge with you during this training, social media will no longer be vague for you. You’ll discover how much fun it is to play with the social media strategy and to see its effect on community building, online visibility and sales results.

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